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The HP15C: An oldie, but a cool goodie

Here’s one of the Coolest products I’ve ever owned: my beloved HP-15C scientific calculator, still in daily use after 30 years. This was…


Dipping into the Stream (video)

Dipping into the stream of work information is one aspect of accomplishment. Staying in touch and informed wherever we are allows us to…


Be wireless with the BackBeat GO 2

Check out this combination headphones and Bluetooth adapter. The BackBeat GO 2 makes on-the-go life easier by eliminating the wire connection to my smartphone. I…

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When an #innovation truly changes people’s lives it takes over the market, even when it’s nail polish! http://t.co/vf4XLSBh Love gel!

New GM caddy “may be the most important domestic car since the Model T” (Oct Esquire) Contextual Design drove UX innovation (pg 150)

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